What is Foundations?

Foundations is a six-session course that goes through some of the key foundational beliefs of the Christian faith. It is designed to help equip you with a solid biblical understanding that can be built upon throughout your life and growth as a Christian. The course if offered three times throughout the year and is mandatory for those who would like to be baptized at TriCity Church.

Who is it For?

The Foundations course was designed with a few different types of people in mind:

  • You are new-ish to Christianity and want a simple introduction of what Christians believe
  • You want to go deeper into the core beliefs of Christianity so you can explain them clearly to others
  • You would like to be baptized at TriCity
  • You have someone you are discipling and you both want to attend the class together and talk about it afterwards.

Upcoming Foundations Class

The next Foundations course will run from April 28 – June 9 on Sunday mornings at 10:00am in the Activity room.

Foundations Schedule

1. What is the Gospel? – Apr 28
2. What is a Christian? – May 5
3. What is the Church – May 12
4. What do Baptism and the Lord’s Supper Mean? – May 19
5. How do we Grow as Christians? – June 2
6. What do we believe as a Church? (Members Class) – June 9


Yes, the foundations course is required for all individuals who would like to be baptized at TriCity Church. This is because the course includes important information about baptism and membership in the local church, as well as other foundational truths that we believe will help equip you for your future service for Christ and his church.

You are not required to attend all six classes, but the course is designed for each of the sessions to build on one another, so you will not get as much out of the course if you miss sessions. If you can’t attend one of the sessions, we would encourage you to attend that specific session the next time foundations is offered (we run it three times a year). If you are wanting to be baptized though, we do require you to attend session 4 (What Do Baptism and the Lord’s Supper Mean?) and session 6 (What does our Church believe?).

The foundations class is not required to apply for membership if you have already been baptized as a believer. You may simply take the membership class (session 6) and then apply for membership.

We would strongly encourage you not to think of the Foundations class as a replacement for gathering with the church on Sunday mornings. We hope you can attend one of the other gatherings and also still come to the foundations class so you are not missing out on the corporate worship of God with his people.

There is childcare available during this time in the TriCity Kids classes. 


If you have questions at all about the course, please contact david@tricitychurch.ca