Women’s Bible Studies


This spring the TriCity Women will continue to journey with Moses and the Israelites through the desert.

In the Exodus part 1 series, we saw God call Moses to lead this rescue operation out of Egypt.  After 10 plagues the Israelites left Egypt with all their belongings and livestock.  We ended with God’s spectacular parting of the red sea and with Moses’s song unto the Lord.

So, this is where we pick up the story in Exodus part two, with the Israelites praising and worshipping God on the shore of the Red sea.

God’s epic rescue operation of His covenant people, as recounted in Exodus, reveals who He is as well as His plan of salvation. In studying this it should become clear how we too are part of His plan and story.

The book of Exodus is one that brings hope of redemption, freedom, and forgiveness. The exodus, or departure from slavery, points us back to our own spritual journey out of slavery. It also causes us to look forward to our secure future.

Please join us as we grow together in relationships as well as knowledge and application of the Word.

Women’s Bible Studies

In an effort to further equip the women of TriCity Church, we offer Bible Studies throughout the year – typically in Fall, Winter and Spring sessions.

The Word of God is the foundation for all our teaching as we believe the Bible is our sole authority, and according to 2 Tim. 3:16, 17 it is profitable for reproof, correction, and training, equipping us for every good work. Our goal is for all women, single or married, from all seasons of life to be women of the Word! Therefore, we invite all women, Christian or those interested in learning more about what it means to be a Christian to join us!

To watch past Bible Studies click the images below

Exodus Part 1 - Winter 2021

James - Fall 2020

Job - Spring 2020