Those of us who are part of TriCity Church are called to give cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7) and sacrificially (Luke 21:1-4) to honour God and to support the ministry of his church. To that end we have set up the following means of giving to this ministry (See below)  If you aren’t part of TriCity church we invite you to join us on Sunday morning, but hope you feel no obligation to give financially. Our greatest desire is that you know Jesus and worship him fully in all areas of your life.

Cash / Cheque [Sunday Mornings]

  • You can deposit any cash or cheques in the GIVE box located at the Connect Desk
  • Please make Cheques payable to TriCity Church.
  • Please put all donations in a giving envelope and include your personal information for tax receipting purposes.

Debit [Sunday Mornings]

  • There is a Debit machine available at the Connect Desk
  • Please put Debit receipt in a giving envelope and place in the GIVE box with you information.

etransfer [Anytime]

Please follow the steps below to give via etransfer.

  1. Go to your online banking website and select etransfer.
  2. Set up a new recipient as
  3. Set up the e-transfer and password
  4. After you have sent the e-transfer, send an email to with the following information: the password you set up for the transfer, any fund designation instructions, Full name and address (for tax receipting purposes)
  5. You’re done!


We do not have credit card giving at this time. 

TriCity church is a ministry of Northview Community Church. All of our finances go through Northview in a designated fund which means everything is tracked separately, but all receipts at the end of the year will be issued by Northview.